3 Great Tips for the Perfect Wedding Weekend


The holidays are over and love is in the air. If you’re one of the lucky couples who decided to tie the not and recently got engaged, it’s time for the fun part: planning your wedding. Though you’re going to experience some stressful setbacks during the planning process (as everyone does), keep your head up because it will all be well worth it once you marry the partner of your dreams.

5 Reasons to Leave the Bartending to the Professionals


At any event, whether it be for family or for business, people like to drink. Providing alcohol for these events can get expensive. Whether you are planning for corporate venues in Santa Clara, or a relaxed barn wedding in Texas, it's important to understand your alcohol needs.

About 2.4 million weddings are performed in the United States every year. That's a lot of booze. Some people try to cut the cost of the bar at a wedding by bringing their own booze. Although this may seem alluring to some, here are some reasons to leave the bartending to the professions at your wedding, according to WeddingWire.

Outsource These Important Aspects Of Your Wedding: Part 2


You already read about the importance of working with San Jose catering and events companies for outsourcing the beverages, as well as the transportation, invitations, and your gift registry. But there are plenty more things you can get assistance with so you’re not overwhelmed before, during, or after your special day.

Outsource These Important Aspects Of Your Wedding: Part 1


Your wedding day is supposed to be magical, easygoing, and stress free. Unfortunately, you can forget about the stress-free part. Even the most laid back wedding will have at least one or two things that go wrong. In order to cut down on these issues, you should consider outsourcing a few important aspects of the wedding process.

4 Tips For Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue


There are 2.4 million weddings each year in the United States and they're all perfect in their own way. But remember: it's important to balance your excitement with your actual planning details. It can be easy to choose the first wedding venues Santa Clara has available because there are so many wonderful options, but you have to find a way to hold off your initial exciting feelings and really consider every aspect.

How To Organize a Unique Holiday Party


If you're planning on throwing a company holiday party for your employees this year, try your best to stray from the same unoriginal party ideas that every office across the U.S. is considering, too. Rather than allowing everyone to spend their lunch break eating a piece of boring cake instead of their regular lunch, really take some time and plan a unique and fun holiday party. Your workers deserve it.

4 Tips to Ensure a Memorable Corporate Event


Whether you're an established Silicon Valley CEO or are planning your startup's launch party, it's important that you take organizing any corporate event seriously. After all, you want your event to be memorable -- for the right reasons.

Enough With the Boring Ceremony: 4 Tips to Have Original Weddings


Every weekend in the U.S., roughly 44,230 weddings take place. Though there are so many weddings occurring every month, so many of them are exactly the same. Each wedding has the same amount of guests (plus or minus a few), follows the same schedule, and looks and feels exactly alike.